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Career Summary:

Commercial PR, sustainability consulting, now Public Affairs & political PR.

Academic/Professional Qualifications:

BA (2:1) in French & Latin from Durham University

How did you get into public affairs?

I went for an internship at Keene in PR & PA because I had previous work experience in PR. When I arrived, it didn’t take five minutes before I realised that it was the political side of the office that interested me most.

What does your current role entail on a day to day basis?

It’s incredibly varied at Media Intelligence Partners. Usually if I have a plan for the day when I walk into work, something else comes up. So, it’s a mixture of meetings, writing press releases, phoning clients, potential clients, journalists and broadcasters, attending events on behalf of the agency, research and strategy planning.

Which campaign/issue are you most proud to have been involved in?

We took Mothers at Home Matter from an obscure members’ organisation to a nationally-recognised pressure group. Within the first three weeks of collaboration, we secured them more than thirty articles (including three front-page headlines) in national papers and fourteen broadcast interviews. Mothers at Home Matter is now the campaign group journalists and broadcasters contact for a representation of the views of stay-at-home parents. The Transferable Tax Allowance had for a long time been kicked into the long grass; it’s now firmly on the agenda for the Autumn statement.

What do you enjoy about working in public affairs?

I would rather keep up with the minutiae of developments in Westminster and international politics than any other subject. Tragic, but true.

What was the best piece of advice you were given when trying to break into Public Affairs?

Go online and apply for an internship.

What are the challenges for the public affairs industry over the next five years?

The lobbying bill will hopefully be amended until toothless and then rejected, but if not, it could prove unhelpful. The London Public Affairs industry is also fairly saturated. Apart from that, I’m confident of the continuing success of the industry.

What's your prediction for the next General Election result?

Excellent question. In my opinion, the Coalition has done a remarkably good job, firstly to function and remain intact, but secondly to maintain the austerity rhetoric, even if it has been more words than deeds. I think the Conservatives are winning the debate on welfare, the economy and business. In fact, I cannot remember the last policy battle Labour has won. That said, the chances of a Conservative majority or even another Con-Lib coalition are slim with constituency borders as they currently are.

Quick-Fire Round  
Favourite politics/news Mobile App? I imagine Benedict Brogan’s morning briefings don’t count, but I read them on my mobile on the way to work and they’re a great way to learn about the major stories of the day.
LinkedIN or Twitter? Depends if I want to consolidate contacts or get the latest news
Tweet your career-to-date in 140 characters or less Never a dull moment.
What’s your Media diet? Lashings of Telegraph, limited portions of Times, practically non-existent servings of the Guardian, weekends with the Economist and a thrice daily dollop of BBC Radio 4.
Favourite Film Les Enfants du Paradis
Guilty pleasure Dark chocolate praline

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