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Compassion in World Farming International was founded in 1967 by Peter Roberts, a British farmer who became horrified by the development of intensive factory farming. Over 50 years ago, Peter decided to make a difference and take a stand against this farming system. In his lifetime, Peter saw the demise of barren battery cages in the EU, and veal crates and gestation crates in the UK, and achieved recognition that animals are sentient beings.

Two years ago, the European Commission committed to banning cages for over 300 million farm animals in the EU by 2027 in response to the "End the Cage Age" initiative, supported by 1.4 million citizens, scientists, and leading food companies. They also planned to revise legislation on farm animal welfare, transport, slaughter, and product labelling, with proposals due by the end of 2023. However, resistance from MEPs opposing the EU's Green Deal and pressure from the agri lobby and MEP votes have raised concerns about the Commission's commitment. The European Council is finalising its 2024 work program, with only one animal protection proposal expected by December 2023. It's a critical moment for animal welfare, and effective legislative review is essential, whether in the current or next European Parliament (from June 2024).

This is an exciting opportunity to bring together the policy advocacy and food business engagement work streams at Compassion in support of animal welfare legislative reform in the EU. You’ll get to collaborate with industry leaders, engage MEPs, and help shape EU Animal Welfare legislation, with a focus on the 2024 European elections, this time-sensitive role allows you to bridge policy advocacy and food business engagement.

The main focus of this role is to advance animal welfare by advocating for EU Animal Welfare legislative reform, particularly the ban on the use of cages for farmed species. You will engage with key stakeholders in the food industry, develop comprehensive strategies for corporate lobbying, and secure industry support for animal welfare reform.

By utilising your experience in lobbying, corporate engagement, and animal welfare, this position will focus on:

  • Developing corporate lobbying strategies, including engaging supportive and opposing stakeholders and garnering MEP support during EU Elections;
  • Securing support from EU food companies for animal welfare legislative reform;
  • Building and maintaining relationships with industry consortiums and engage with lobbyists influencing the European Commission on Animal Welfare reform;
  • Collaborating with policy teams at Compassion in World Farming, particularly in the lead-up to the 2024 elections;
  • Providing support to food business teams in their policy-related engagement, including soliciting letters of support;
  • Creating resources empowering corporate organisations, policy teams, and the Food Business team for policy reforms;
  • Assisting in communication and media activities aimed at rallying industry support for Animal Welfare reform;
  • Monitoring and recording industry support, communicating progress internally.

This role will collaborate with a range of stakeholders, including food industry leaders, policy teams, food business managers, industry consortiums, and lobbyists. Your impact will be instrumental in advocating for animal welfare legislative reform, securing support from the food industry, fostering positive relationships with influential organisations, and effectively communicating progress, ultimately advancing the cause of animal welfare and contributing to the ban on cage use for farmed species in the EU.

Our ideal candidate will excel as a high-level coordinator with specialised, expert knowledge in lobbying and policy. You’ll demonstrate persuasive communication, task management, time efficiency, and critical thinking skills. You’ll be able to remain composed under pressure, exhibit strategic vision, and adapt to diverse needs is vital. Effective communication, timely decision-making, and delegation are essential.

*Please note that the remuneration quoted is for a UK based employee. This may be adjusted for other European countries as appropriate and in line with our country office benchmarking.

Full-time 37 hours per week, 9 month FTC or open to Freelance/Consultancy proposals - click on the apply button below for detaiils about how to contact us for further information about proposals.

Closing date

Applications for this post closed 11:59pm on Friday 15th December 2023