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Career Summary:

Commercial PR, sustainability consulting, now Public Affairs & political PR.

Academic/Professional Qualifications:

BA (2:1) in French & Latin from Durham University

How did you get into public affairs?

I went for the internship at Keene in PR & PA because I had previous work experience in PR. When I arrived, it didn’t take five minutes before I realised that it was the political side of the office that interested me most.

What does your current role entail on a day to day basis?

It’s incredibly varied at Media Intelligence Partners. Usually if I have a plan for the day when I walk into work, something else comes up. So, it’s a mixture of meetings, writing press releases, phoning clients, potential clients, journalists and broadcasters, attending events on behalf of the agency, research and strategy planning.

What do you enjoy about working in public affairs?

I would rather keep up with the minutiae of developments in Westminster and international politics than any other subject. Tragic, but true.

What was the best piece of advice you were given when trying to break into Public Affairs?

Go online and apply for an internship.

During your internship at Keene, you were carrying out media monitoring for clients – in practice, what did this involve?

It involved going through all the major national papers, picking out articles which were of relevance to the client. I then had to construct a summary of the key points of each article under various headings.

How relavant is Degree subject for a public affairs career?

My degree (French and Latin) was entirely unrelated. I assumed I could never get into politics without a relevant degree, but fortunately it’s just not the case. All you need to show is that you have the transferable skills – communication, people, research, analysis, etc.

If you could time-travel back to your final year at University, what career advice would you give yourself?

I worked flat out on my degree in my first, second and fourth year. What I certainly would do now is recognise is that there are plenty of other very useful activities to get involved in. Fortunately I did co-found a drama society, which massively helped on my CV, but I should have got more involved in party politics at uni and the student newspaper.

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