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From living it to writing it - leading public affairs expert Chris Anastasi brings a new practical guide to the market.

‘’Strategic Stakeholder Engagement’’ by Chris Anastasi, published by Routledge and available at Routledge, Waterstones and Amazon.

Leading public affairs professional Chris Anastasi has spent the last 20 years engaging with decision-makers in government and other key influencers. Having amassed a considerable wealth of knowledge and experience and having delivered strategic approaches that worked, he has compiled this knowledge into an important guide for public affairs professionals of all levels.

The strategies Chris reveals are all based on real case studies, drawn from his time leading government affairs teams of global businesses. 

A changing climate

Many organisations and businesses are facing uncertainty with government intervening in their markets, changing the competitive environment in which they operate; Brexit in the UK is perhaps the ultimate intervention with wide-ranging ramifications for all. A key question is whether organisations are engaging with decision-makers and other key actors as effectively as they could. Are they managing to influence the policy and regulatory regime that shapes the markets in which they operate? Even more fundamentally, do they know who they should be interacting with or understand the formal and informal processes whereby they are able to present their concerns, views and ideas? And are they organised internally for success? This book provides information and potential approaches that will help public affairs practitioners address these important questions.

A valuable aid for professionals

This guide is designed to be of immense value to professionals at all stages of their careers. Students or graduates of public affairs and communications hoping to embark on careers in this field will find it essential reading. Those currently working in government relations, policy and regulation, or more generally in public relations and communications will find practical tools and techniques that will help them perform even more effectively in their roles; to think differently about challenges they face; and to achieve more powerful outcomes. Those at senior level will understand why leadership is crucial for success and find the case studies a fascinating insight into what has and can be achieved by a highly respected industry peer.

Gaining a voice behind the curtain

Strategic Stakeholder Engagement will help practitioners engage with decision-makers and key influencers by providing the detailed knowledge needed on the processes available to them, and by revealing the wide range of strategies, approaches and techniques at their disposal; this book will help practitioners raise their performance by taking them step-by step through the elements of a successful engagement programme.

Chris Anastasi, Author, said: ‘’As a former Head of Government Affairs, Policy and Regulation, Head of External Communications, Special Advisor and Expert Advisor, I wanted to collate the knowledge and transferable practical strategies that I developed while in these roles. I believe that Public Affairs professionals, in whatever sector, and in countries around the world, face great and ever-evolving challenges. My book will equip them with the skills, ideas and tools to succeed in achieving the change and impact they are seeking to protect their business interests’’.

“Never before has it been so vital for business to ensure that its side of the story is properly told and understood. Chris Anastasi has written an invaluable practical guide to strategic stakeholder engagement.” - Sir Adrian Montague CBE, Chairman of Aviva plc

“People and institutions expect to have a voice in issues that effect their government, their society and their lives. This book gives excellent guidance based on examples of successful stakeholder engagement programmes.” - Bill Coley CBE, Former President of Duke Power and CEO of British Energy

“Government relations professionals can use this unique book as a benchmarking resource or a template for success. It plugs a gap in the field of stakeholder relations.” - Robert Armour OBE, Former Deputy Chair of NuGeneration