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Party Games’ written by public affairs practitioner Fiona Cuthbertson is now available to buy through Amazon.

In politics, corruption is inevitable.

Josephine had heard that the political world can easily become a hotbed of passion, intrigue and self-promotion. She, however, was determined to play it straight. After all, joining the Parliamentary Counsel might have been her dream job, but she was not interested in the trappings that came along with it. She just wanted to make her way slowly up the ladder.

Early successes bring her into contact with the enigmatic Charlie, who is determined to teach her to reach for the stars. But will fortune favour the bold?

Some insights into Party Games from author Fiona Cuthbertson

Why did you start writing?

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and having gone through chemo and into remission, I wanted to do something new as the entire experience showed me life really is for living. 

I signed up to a university course and really enjoyed it.  After it finished, I continued to write whilst my daughter was doing her various activities, and the book just developed from there.

What inspired you to write this book?

Due to the seismic changes in the political industry at the moment, there is a lot of interest around the intrigue that can occur and the machinations of political figures. 

However, it can be a mysterious world for those that don’t know anything about it.  Hopefully this book will pique people’s interest to get involved with the real thing as convey the beauty of the Mother of all Parliaments and its associated buildings.


Can you tell me about the book?

It’s a political thriller, dealing with the dark arts of the political world from a female perspective. It looks to show how Josephine manages to make her way through the political labyrinth. The question is, does she get out the other side?

Can you give us some insight into Josephine’s character?

She is a bit of an idealist. She wants to believe that everyone plays a fair game and that “a spade’s a spade”.  However, she has always been quick to adapt and learn which means that she can think on her feet which is useful when she realises that actually, people are not always entirely honest about their agenda.

How would you describe Charlie in three words?

Single-minded and devious, but complicated.

What do you think happened to the characters after the book ended?

Book number two is in the works, so I am afraid you will have to wait until it comes out!